Parker on the Web Info

by Jessica C. Murphy

Today I received some information about Parker on the Web that I thought I would share:

Dear Parkerweb User:

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, the University of Cambridge and Stanford University are happy to inform you that the Parker on the Web
prototype you have registered to use will soon be replaced with an entirely new edition of the application. The prototype, made available
at the end of 2004, contained just two of the 538 manuscripts in the Parker Library; editions, translations and secondary scholarship about
those two manuscripts; and some descriptive metadata for the full collection. Sometime between 1 October and 15 October 2007, this content
will be entirely replaced with a completely new user interface, vastly enhanced searching and manuscript-viewing capabilities, and enormously
expanded metadata, bibliography and page images for fifty manuscripts. The web address for the new site will be the same as the old: <>. As before, pages that describe the project and the Parker Library will be
available to all site visitors without restriction, and the entire site will be accessible to anyone who registers and accepts an agreement
governing permitted uses. However, since this will be an entirely new application, you will be required to re-register the first time you
logon to the new site. Please note that the new site will replace the prototype, and that the prototype will not be available after the new site has been installed.

Corpus, Cambridge and Stanford continue work, generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, to digitize all of the Parker Library manuscripts, upgrade descriptive metadata, and compile bibliography. The work is scheduled to be finished at the end of 2009. New content will be added to the Parkerweb site periodically. As a registered user of the new site, you will be kept informed about our progress and related matters of interest.