CFP: The Rise of the Mercantile Economy and Early Modern Women, an interdisciplinary forum in EMWJ

by Jessica C. Murphy

Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal (EMWJ) invites scholars from diverse disciplines to explore how the rise of the mercantile economy affected early modern women. Responses to the forum prompt, available in its entirety online at, should be 1300 words in length and might consider some of the following questions: What was the new ideal for the merchant’s wife in the context of the mercantile economy? How did this ideal differ from the aristocratic one? Were women involved in money lending, money changing, investments, and bills of exchange? Did the activities of the merchant’s wife and the ideal of the feminine differ
according to geography, nationality, or religious affiliation?

The deadline for forum contributions is October 31, 2007.
Please address all email queries and electronic copies to