CFP: Staging Femininity: Women and the Theater (4/1/2008; SAMLA 11/7/2008–11/9/2008 )

by Jessica C. Murphy

CFP: Staging Femininity: Women and the Theater (4/1/2008; SAMLA 11/7/2008–

Historically the relationship between women and the theater has been a site of contestation. A woman’s place in the theater, whether as a character, an actor, an author, or an attendee, often has drawn pointed social and literary commentary. In keeping with the theme of the 2008 SAMLA Convention, Drama, the 2008 SAMLA Women’s Studies Panel seeks paper proposals that address the ways that femininity has been and is written, performed, staged, and received in theatrical works.

Interested individuals might choose to address any historical period and any aspect of women and theater, for example: the impact of the legalization of professional acting for women in the Restoration, the performance of femininity in Renaissance plays, the roles of women as theater-goers or patrons, the different ways that femininity is written by
female playwrights as opposed to their male counterparts, the visuality of women’s performance, or the perceptions and enactments of women in national or international theatrical performances. Proposals focusing on the influence, impact, or idea of women and theater will be considered.

Please submit a 250- to 300-word abstract, a brief professional biography, and relevant contact information by April 1, 2008.

Submit via email attachment with email subject line “SAMLA 2008” to Lauren Holt Matthews,; please also copy Keme Hawkins, While electronic submissions are preferred, you may also submit by post to:

Lauren Holt Matthews
English Department, Emory University
N-302 Callaway Center
537 Kilgo Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322

For more information on the 2008 SAMLA Convention, please see the SAMLA