CFP: Working Shakespeares: 2008 Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference (8/15/08; 10/2-5/08)

by Jessica C. Murphy


The Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference is accepting abstracts for its annual conference to be held October 2-5 at Youngstown State University. The theme for this year’s meeting, Working Shakespeares, is meant to

solicit a broad range of inquiries into issues of labor and market, class and status, civic and public in both the works of Shakespeare and the profession at large. In our current cultural moment, a time in which the gap between rich and poor widens at an alarming pace and universities are facing shifting market demands, how might we rethink Shakespeare studies from perspectives that address these concerns? How might academics sort out issues of culture, capital and cultural capital in the face of changing institutional missions and directives? How do appropriations of Shakespeare in non-academic settings extract use and/or meaning from Shakespeare and how do these appropriations re-invent or displace cultural capital? We welcome submissions that take up such questions as well as materialist and new economic approaches to the works.

Topics might address but are not limited to any of the following:

Civic/Public Shakespeare
The Profession
Shakespeare, Marriage and Money
Shakespeare in the Rust Belt
Town and Gown
Drama and Commerce
Shakespeare in Business
The Business of Playing
Domestic Work
Leisure and Laziness
Enclosure and migrant workers
Theory and The Market
Shakespeare and Working Class Studies
Military Shakespeare
Shakespeare and the Digital Divide
Shakespeare in the classroom
Appropriation and cultural capital
Publishing and book sales
Physical/Intellectual labor

Selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Abstracts should be submitted by August 15 to co-organizers Hillary Nunn, University of Akron and Timothy Francisco, Youngstown State University

Please visit the conference website at