CFP: Northern California Renaissance Conference (6/6/08; 9/28/08)

by Jessica C. Murphy


Sponsored by the Center for British Studies and Departments of English, Comparative Literature, Italian, Spanish-Portuguese, and French.

The 2008 Northern California Renaissance Conference (NCRC) will be held Sunday, September 28 at the University of California, Berkeley. We seek proposals representing a broad range of early modern scholarship, including but not limited to studies of British literature, pan-European languages and literatures, history, art history, and historical musicology. The banner for this year’s conference will be Contours and Crossroads: Mapping Early Modern Europe, an admittedly broad theme intended to court diverse proposals treating a range of early modern arts and cultures. Topics under this umbrella might include-but are by no means limited to–cross-cultural or inter-media engagements; the emerging pan-European economy and trade; colonization; early modern subjectivity; religion, humanism and secularism; and inter-linguistic mediations. We also encourage proposals for entire three-person panels or roundtables offering discussions of a particular and pressing scholarly issue. We will additionally accept proposals located more firmly within disciplinary boundaries that have no obvious bearing on our general theme.

Our featured keynote speaker will be Roland Greene (Professor English and Comparative Literature, Stanford), who will deliver a talk titled, “The Rise of ‘Experience’ in Early Modern Culture.” The conference will also include a coffee/pastry registration, three panel sessions, and a wine-and-hors d’oeuvres reception.

Speakers will have twenty minutes to deliver their presentations-which means a length of approximately ten pages. If you have a paper or would like to develop one for the conference, please send abstracts (500 words or less) via email to prawdzik at (Chair) and fiona_smythe at (Assistant Chair). The deadline is June 6, 2008. (Please email with a general topic if more time is needed.) We will
contact all senders by early August for confirmation. Please note that we may not be able to accept all proposals.