CFP: Encountering Ephemera: Scholarship, Performance, Classroom (7/15/08; volume)

by Jessica C. Murphy

Call for Submissions
Encountering Ephemera: Scholarship, Performance, Classroom

Seeking proposals for a volume of essays tentatively entitled Encountering Ephemera: Scholarship, Performance, Classroom. The editors are looking for an additional four-five 5-6,000 word manuscripts to fill the twelve-essay volume. By presenting a wide range of definitions and theoretical perspectives as well as a variety of pedagogical strategies and approaches for teaching and exploring notions of early modern
ephemera, contributors will seek to address the following kinds of questions.

• What do we mean by ephemera? (non-extant, performative/gestural/anecdotal, non-canonical, additional definitions)
• How can ephemeral matters/texts complicate discussions of plays/performance/cultural contexts?
• How can we problematize binaries between ephemera and canonical works?
• To what extent can ephemeral traces and remnants serve pedagogical ends? What kinds of justifications are there for incorporating ephemera in the classroom?
• What kinds of teaching strategies and lesson plans work and what kinds are less effective in the exploration of ephemeral matters?

The aim of Encountering Ephemera is two-fold: (1) to work toward defining ephemera as a complex and multi-faceted critical category in terms of its literary, cultural, and historical significance and (2) to serve as a handbook to provide pedagogical strategies and teaching tools for exploring ephemeral matters in the undergraduate and graduate level classroom.

Please submit proposals (preferably by email) of no more than 500 words by July 15, 2008 to:

Joshua B. Fisher
Campus Box 3052
Department of English
Wingate University
Wingate, NC 28174

Rebecca Steinberger
Department of English
Misericordia University
Dallas, PA 18612-1098