Reinstate Professor Pat Parker

by Jessica C. Murphy

I received this today on a mailing list I belong to; it is definitely worth checking out:

I don’t know how many of you know about the massive campaign that is underway to reinstate Pat Parker as the Arden editor of the Arden 3 Midsummer Night’s Dream.  In brief, for those of you who don’t know the
situation, Pat has been working on this edition (with no advance pay) for ten years now, and she was summarily dismissed in July, with no advance warning, under the claim that she had not made any progress, when in fact she has reams of work completed that has been sent to the press and was unable to proceed on many issues because her head editor refused to get back to her.  Behind the firing stand major issues of intellectual integrity and fairness.

I urge you to visit the Reinstate Pat Parker website created by Richard Halpern and sign the petition to Arden to reinstate Pat.  To date, 612 scholars have signed the petition, and the corporation that owns Arden
(Cengage) is feeling the pressure, but all supporting Pat believe we need to keep the pressure on and show the numbers of petitioners continuing to rise. You can read the basics of the situation, early letters to Arden urging reinstatement (mine is included), as well as fascinating discussions about the petition by supporters, such as John Drakakis, Leah Marcus, David Bevington, Harry Berger, Margreta de Grazia, Terence Hawkes, etc. etc. at: