Textual Ancestry (5/17/09; GEMCS, 10/22/09-10/25/09) | cfp.english.upenn.edu

by Jessica C. Murphy

The Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies; October 22-25, 2009; Dallas, Texas

Textual Ancestry

In keeping with the GEMCS conference’s theme of “tracing footprints,” this panel explores how a text’s literary ancestors affected the conception, production, and/or dissemination of that text. Papers should examine the impact of textual predecessors on a specific work or body of work, or papers could address how one author’s work directly influenced another’s. Papers that address all genres and historical periods related to early modern studies are welcome.

One-page abstracts (or less) should be sent to Misty Krueger via email at mkrueger@utk.edu by May 17, 2009. For more information about the conference, please visit the conference website at http://www.english.fsu.edu/gemcs/.

via Textual Ancestry (5/17/09; GEMCS, 10/22/09-10/25/09) | cfp.english.upenn.edu.