Renaissance Transformations (6/1/09); SAMLA (11/6/09-11/8/09) |

by Jessica C. Murphy

Call for submissions to the English II panel, “Renaissance Transformations,” at this November’s SAMLA convention in Atlanta, GA.

As we ponder the issue of change in the post-modern world, we would also like to reconsider how the early modern period imagined transformation. Transformation may include changes political, physical, or psychological boundary crossings or rhetorical tropes. What are the major concerns attendants upon change in early modern England? Is transformation always construed as transgressive and liminal, or does it also have positive social and literary implications? Can we identify a unified discourse of transformation from the various articulations of change in early modern literature?

By June 1, 2009, please send abstracts of 300 words to Niamh J. O’Leary, Pennsylvania State University, at niamhjoleary at gmail dot com.

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