Cambridge International Chronicles Conference [CICS]

by Jessica C. Murphy

The organisers welcome paper or article proposals on the following subjects:

– Kingship and Queenship, Earls and Ealdormen;

– Abbots and abbesses, monks and nuns;

– Ecclesiastical and secular authorities;

– Institutional authority;

– National authority and identity;

– Masculine, feminine, and neuter: linguistic authority;

– Auctors and Auctoritas;

– Textual authority, witnesses, traditions, and scribes;

– Kinglists and genealogies;

– Nuns in the scriptorium;

– Female voices, male scribes – authority and authorship;

– Gender and legal practices;

– Moral authority;

– Ritual and authority;

– Establishment of authority: feuds, force, and warfare;

– The construction of gender in chronicles.

More information will be available on this website soon; meanwhile, if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact the organisers at

via Cambridge International Chronicles Conference [CICS].