CENSORSHIP AND DISCOURSE IN ENGLISH-SPEAKING COUNTRIES 16th-21st centuries University of Rennes 2 France, 27-28 May 2010 | cfp.english.upenn.edu

by Jessica C. Murphy

Call forPapersWith the development of the modern state,there has been an ongoing tension between the will to control and at the sametime allow free speech to develop. In English-speaking countries, the theme of“Censorship and Discourse” has been a recurrent concern from the 16thcentury to the present day, as the numerous censored publications and writings againstcensorship testify.This conference will focus on threedifferent aspects of censorship and discourse:1 The nature of censorship and the wayin which it reflects the norms and values of the day;2 The discourse of censors asinstitutions of censorship;3 The perception of censorship and thereactions it entails.The aim is to bring together specialists fromdifferent disciplines: from the literary and linguistic disciplines to thehuman and social sciences. The conference will be organised on a panel basisand will be in English. SubmissionsWe welcome submissions from a broadrange of disciplines: Literature, Philosophy, Linguistics, History, Law,Political science, Sociology, Anthropology, the Visual Arts, and Economics.Postgraduates are welcome.Please send an abstract of up to 250 words,together with your particulars names, institutional address, occupationalstatus, postal and e-mail addresses to the following e-mail addresses: clairecharlot@wanadoo.frand delphine.texier@uhb.fr . Submissionswill be examined by the scientific committee and answers given by the end ofDecember.The deadline is 15 December 2009.