EEBO Introductions Series |

by Jessica C. Murphy

The editors of the EEBO Introductions series would like to announce the publication of a new batch of Introductions and to invite further contributions to the resource. Those Introductions already published can be seen at:…

The EEBO Introductions series aims to provide authoritative scholarly guides to early modern texts which are posted alongside the digital images of the text on EEBO. As well as giving wide dissemination to authors' work, publication on EEBO allows the introductions to be hyperlinked to other EEBO texts and digital resources, making the Introductions hubs for those interested in particular texts/authors. Although the primary aim of the series is to provide guides for texts for which a widely available print edition does not exist, we will be willing to consider any contribution from scholars or advanced-level doctoral students. In order to receive a copy of the 'notes for authors' and to alert us to your intention to submit an introduction on a text to prevent duplication, please email Edward Wilson-Lee at

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