Theorising Wales: Gender, Culture and Politics |

by Jessica C. Murphy

International conference, 12-14 July 2010

CREW Centre for Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales

C-SCAP Centre for the Study of Culture and Politics

GENCAS Centre for Research into Gender, Culture and Society

in collaboration with the Richard Burton Centre, all at Swansea University

Keynote speakers

Simon Brooks Cardiff University

Glenn Jordan University of Glamorgan

Gerardine Meaney University College Dublin

Chris Weedon Cardiff University

Daniel Williams Swansea University

Wales is a multiplicity of ideas, visions and imaginings from within and without. Different forms of politics appeal to and promise different versions of Wales. Literature in both languages writes and rewrites dozens more. Histories contest them. And the varieties of everyday lives of people in Wales, their labour, leisure, dreams and anxieties always exceed the capacity of any scholar, writer or government minister to catch and contain them.

A range of theoretical approaches which address issues of gender, language, race, sexuality, postcolonialism and postnationalism have begun to enrich and contest our concepts of nation and culture. This conference seeks to further the theorisation of Wales and Welsh cultural studies and cultural politics and to encourage reflection and self-reflexivity in the theories we adopt and adapt. The value and challenges of post-national and transnational models will also be interrogated. Papers which discuss the potential and problems of moving beyond nation-based theories are welcome.

Please submit abstracts (400 words) to by FRIDAY 5 FEBRUARY 2010. Papers may be submitted and delivered in Welsh or in English.

Organisers Kirsti Bohata (, Alan Finlayson ( and Brigid Haines (,

The conference will be held at the University of Wales Conference Centre, Newtown, Mid Wales

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