CFP: “Narrating Lives after Death” 3/1/10; MLA 2011 |

by Jessica C. Murphy

“Narrating Lives after Death”

Proposed Special Session for MLA 2011 in Los Angeles

When Katherine Stubbes “bequeaths” their newborn son to Phillip Stubbes, she asks her husband to “bring up this childe in good letters, in learning and discipline, and above all things, see that he be brought up and instructed in the exercise of true religion.” The late sixteenth and early seventeenth century in England saw the print publication of several parental advice manuals. This proposed special session will explore how these advice manuals “narrate the lives” in keeping with the MLA 2011 theme of the children to whom they are left and, by extension, the consumers of the printed objects. I invite proposals for papers that consider the influence of advice manuals in Early Modern England.

Please send an abstract of no more than 250 words in the body of an email to by March 1, 2010. All panel participants must be members of the MLA before April 1, 2010.

via CFP: “Narrating Lives after Death” 3/1/10; MLA 2011 |

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