[UPDATE] Feminism 2010 | cfp.english.upenn.edu

by Jessica C. Murphy

MP Journal is extending its call for papers to include any topic related to feminism or Women’s studies in addition to its current call for papers see below. Papers must be submitted in their full form by May 15th, 2010.Feminism 2010: One decade into the new millennium, what have we gained? What have we lost? How do we shape feminism for the next decade? MP Journal is seeking academic papers, book reviews, and other well-written inquiries on the subject of feminism in the coming decade. Submissions may be in any accepted academic format such as MLA, APA, Legal Bluebook, Chicago Style but must be consistent throughout and thoroughly and carefully edited. They will be considered only with the attachment of a 50 word bio and CV and if submitted before midnight: May 15, 2010. Submit all materials to lynda_hinkle@yahoo.com

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