First CFP: THE ANATOMY OF MARGINALITY A Special Issue of “The European Legacy” ‏ |

by Jessica C. Murphy


Academic disciplines have been routinely dominated, both in terms of research agendas and dissemination practices, by a concentration on a relatively small number of “canonical” thinkers and writings. A tacitly accepted “principle of economy” makes that, in our research, we almost always gravitate toward “canonical” authors, texts, and themes. Teachers, for instance, tend to persuade their students to pay attention to the “central” aspects of any given problem and stay away from the allegedly “marginal” or “peripheral” ones, which are thus deemed to be either too risky or otherwise unworthy of sustained consideration. Not surprisingly, we end up spending most of our time concentrating on what the academic community considers to be the “core-issues” in various academic disciplines, just as we tend to focus our projects on the study of various “mainstream” authors, “central” themes and “canonical” texts. As a result, our systems of reference – in scholarship, but also in every-day life, morality, art, politics and religion – have come to rely heavily on the assumption of an intrinsic superiority of the “center,” the “canonical” and the “mainstream,” to such an extent that “marginal” and “peripheral” are epithets customarily used with and perceived as carrying pejorative connotations.



Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2011

Length: 6000 words (including notes)

After an initial editorial screening, all articles and reviews submitted to “The European Legacy” will undergo a peer-review evaluation. Manuscripts, typed double-spaced, should be submitted to the Guest Editors as e-mail attachments. The author’s full address should be supplied as a footnote to the title page. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition.

Contributions should be submitted via e-mail to: and (with “For the marginality special issue” in the subject line). Please allow approx. 4 months for the review process and editorial decisions. Receipt of materials will be confirmed by email. Unless otherwise noted in this Call for Papers, the Instructions for Authors on the journal’s webpage are adopted for this issue:

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