Sex in the Margins, University of California, Davis (4/15/14; 10/3-5/14) |

by Jessica C. Murphy

A conference about commentaries and the histories of sexuality and gender.

Just as commentary is hospitable to both mainstream and esoteric hermeneutic practices, so commentary can host, and disseminate, views that are both utterly conventional and radical. We propose a conference to explore this aspect of commentary, and in particular the intersection of interpretive traditions and the histories of sexuality and gender. We therefore solicit proposals for talks that will focus on commentary as a particular and perhaps even privileged space for discussions of sexuality and gender. We hope to receive abstracts addressing a linguistically, geographically, and temporally broad range of commentaries so that the resulting conference will contribute to a broader appreciation of the ways the histories of reception, sexuality and gender are mutually imbricated in numerous contexts.

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