CFP: The Body and Spiritual Experience: 1500-1700 (RSA 2017) (5/20/16; 3/30-4/1/17)

by Jessica C. Murphy

Abstracts are invited for a proposed series of sessions on the body and spiritual experience in Europe 1500-1700, intended for the next Renaissance Society of America meeting (30 March–1 April 2017, Chicago). Possible questions might include: In what ways does biblical reading shape understanding of the relationship between physical and spiritual matter? Which body parts or material processes are implicated in spiritual experience? Are there differences in the ways in which male and female flesh is treated in relation to spiritual experience? How influential are biblical and theological distinctions between flesh and spirit to understandings of the body? In what ways might understanding of the relationship between the body and spiritual experience be influenced by medicine, science, philosophy or other spheres of knowledge?

Proposals for papers should be sent to by Friday 20 May. Abstracts should be 150 words and be accompanied by a short CV (max. 3 pages) which includes information on publications or an overview of thesis work.

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